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Our Services

The following describes several of our services, but every farmer, grower, and company has different needs.  Since we began our company in 2019, we have experienced the highs and lows in the hemp space and have learned to treat our customer relationships like partnerships.  After all, providing access to market may not be the same approach for everyone.  Our ability to tailor our approach to specific need is backed by our industry experience, the relationships we've built, and the knowledge we've gathered.  Please feel free to reach out and schedule a meeting and a tour at (270) 594-8260.


GENH Halcyon's proven drying equipment is capable of handling 100,000 pounds of wet hemp, to less than 10% moisture content, per day. Infeed material is the most important part of the drying process, and we have all the equipment to handle it our facility. GENH Halcyon’s advanced drying services ensure plants are handled and processed delicately in order to maximize quality and minimize degradation.


Halcyon Thruput’s trading arm works with partners to access buyers throughout the US, Canada and overseas.  Our experienced team has been working with extractors for years and continue to forge new relationships daily.  Halcyon’s team is constantly evaluating myriad market variables to ensure our farmers secure the greatest value possible.


GENH Halcyon understands the importance of accurate and verified testing.  We provide both pre- and post-process Certificate of Analysis including moisture, CBD and THC percentages.  GENH Halcyon’s Certified On-Site Testing equipment provides verified results within minutes, ensuring greater speed to market for our customers product. Receiving a COA from off-site labs can take up to two weeks.  This extra step can create extensive delays and costs. 


GENH Halcyon’s state-of-the-art cleaning system efficiently and effectively removes hemp stocks, stems and seeds. Our screen and filter system are easily adjusted to meet variable biomass specifications based on buyer needs. As a result, GENH Halcyon is able to return customers’ hemp in a highly marketable 'homogenized' biomass form within hours of harvest.  


GENH Halcyon has access to over 100,000 square feet of storage space (dependent on customer's needs) at its facility located in southwestern Kentucky. Our storage options reduce degradation risk and keeps product secure until it’s ready to move.


daysOS is GENH Halcyon’s proprietary enterprise management database that allows us to store and track key data points throughout the cultivation, drying and cleaning processes. GENH Halcyon aggregates critical information to help farmers access best practices and maximize crop potential.  Maintaining key data such as seed variety, plant and harvest date, moisture level, dry time and temperature, and CBD% and THC % assists local and regional growers maximize their yield year after year. 

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